Don’t get stuck in a reading rut.

To keep our reading broad yet deep, expansive yet selective, we’re issuing this 5×5 challenge to ourselves and to you, too.

In 2020, let’s select 5 different subject areas to read in. Multa non Multum is a classical educational principle that reminds us to be choosy about our books, to read the best in a field, and to use our reading to broaden our understanding – which doesn’t happen when we get stuck reading all the things in one narrow area of focus.

Let’s not pigeonhole our interests into educational philosophy or other pet topics only. Let’s keep our minds and interests alive with broad, deep, choosy reading.

Bonus points if you choose books you already own or if one book per category is a reread.

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    After you download the challenge tracker, be watching for a follow-up email ratcheting up the accountability. We’ll be offering prizes throughout the year for participants who share and stick with it, with a guaranteed prize in the mail from us if you complete your challenge before December 20, 2020.

    Happy Reading!

    -Mystie, Brandy, Pam, & Abby