The Message of Leisure & Scholé: Chapter 1 – What We’re Missing

As a summer special, Scholé Sisters is publishing a blog series through Josef Pieper’s Leisure, the Basis of Culture. This is the book that brought scholé back into our vocabulary. Instead of writing about the book or writing additional commentary, however, we’re taking a thought-by-thought paraphrase approach, chapter-by-chapter. Like The Message is to the Bible, so this series is to Leisure: common idiom, loose paraphrase, maybe a little clarification or connection added for the reader’s benefit. Enjoy! Our hands are … Read More

Paideia Discussion: Chapter 3, Epic Education

for The Sistership only Brandy & Mystie talk for an hour about chapter 3 in Paideia. Join the conversation in the comments What does Homer have to do with classical education? What are the most educative forms of poetic knowledge for our culture? How have you used story in your homeschool? Return to the bonus page

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