SS 77: Let’s Get Together, Yeah Yeah Yeah (Communities vs. Networks)

Today’s discussion between Brandy, Pam, Mystie, and Abby centers on the differences between communities and networks as spelled out by John Taylor Gatto in his wonderful little book Dumbing Us Down. To which do you belong? Is there an ideal? There’s a lot of food for thought in this episode. Time to register for the Loving Well retreat! Registration is now open for this year’s online local retreats which is coming up on Saturday, October 10th. The theme of this … Read More

SS #76: The Wonder Years (Quintilian and the Classical Preschool)

Is there really such a thing as classical education for preschoolers? You may be surprised to learn that yes the ancients actually had opinions on what to do with the little ones entrusted to us. In today’s episode, Mystie, Brandy, and Abby discuss a bit about what Plato, Aristotle, and Quintilian had to say on this subject. Registration for Loving Well is now open! Registration is now open for this year’s online local retreats which will take place live on … Read More

Hiking as Scholé: Recovering your sense of wonder

We think of leisure as reclining on the couch eating peeled grapes that someone else has prepared for us. Or, at least, that was one of the first images I had when someone said I should be teaching from rest. Hiking is not that. It is certainly, at the very least, physical exertion. So how can I say that hiking is scholé? Scholé is an attitudinal posture. It is an expectation of seeing something worth seeing, of receiving the gift … Read More

SS #75: Love Chat, Baby, Love Chat (with Karen Glass!)

Our special guest today is one of our favorite people, Karen Glass! Karen Glass has been homeschooling her children for 25 years, and she’s not quite finished yet. She is one of the founders of the AmblesideOnline curriculum project and has delved deeply into Charlotte Mason’s philosophy of education. She has lived in Poland, where her husband ministers, for over twenty years. In the last few years, she has begun writing books to share some of the things she has … Read More

SS #74: Retreats Go Viral (Summer Bonus Season)

Today’s episode is all about the fall retreat. In the first half, Brandy, Mystie, and Abby talk about Covid and lockdown … and how to manage a retreat if we’re still on lockdown (including what Scholé Sisters plans to do to help support unique situations). In the second half we talk about how we overhauled part of our retreat day schedule to make room for something super special from Abby. Get your Beginner’s Guide to Scholé! We have a special … Read More

SS #73: A Scholé for All Seasons

Today’s episode is extra long! Our topic is scholé and how it changes with the seasons of motherhood. Brandy, Pam, Mystie, and Abby talked about having all preschoolers, starting to homeschool, the teen years, and then guessed what the particular challenges might be in launching children. It was a long episode because it’s a big topic! Join us in the Sistership! Many fun things are going on in the Sistership these days. Abby is prepping a follow-up contemplation session for … Read More

SS #72: The Grammar of Grammar (with Kevin Clark!)

Our guest on the show this time is Dr. Kevin Clark. Kevin is the founder of The Ecclesial Schools Initiative, an organization that’s partnering with local churches to plant a network of affordable and accessible Christian classical schools. Kevin is an Alcuin fellow with The Society for Classical Learning and a member of the teaching faculty in the Master of Arts in Classical Teaching program at The Templeton Honors College. Most importantly, he is Taryn’s husband and father to Aubrey, … Read More

SS #71: Homeschoolers Militant (with Andrew Pudewa!!)

Today’s episode was recorded BEFORE the demise of 2020, before quaratines, lockdowns, and economic tragedies. We cut a couple things that no longer made sense, but the rest of it survives as useful and oh so encouraging. Our special guest today is Andrew Pudewa, the founder and director of the Institute for Excellence in Writing and a father of seven. Traveling and speaking around the world, he addresses issues related to teaching, writing, thinking, spelling, and music with clarity, insight, … Read More

SS #70: Arguing About Words (The Episode Formerly Known as the Bonus Episode)

We’ve been promising you a bonus episode for a while and today is the day! The only thing is, Abby made us do a Scholé Everyday, and then we talked too long, so we did the logical thing in this situation: we decided to make it a “real” episode. What does this mean for the season? Well, it’ll just be longer. There will be nine episodes instead of our usual eight, making this a sort of bonus after all. Today, … Read More

Plato’s Education Philosophy

Any discussion of classical education ought to begin with Plato, the ultimate philosopher and the first thinker on education theory and philosophy that we have written material from his own hand. This guide to Plato’s theory of educational philosophy will not be merely theoretical, but practical for all educators, including homeschool moms. Plato’s education theory is where our study of classical education should begin. Ironically, Plato was not as abstract or difficult a writer as modern education theorists tend to … Read More

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