Laughing Well Retreat 2019

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We know as homeschooling moms that we need to plan, prepare, direct, teach, and check work. We know we have to give, love, and discipline. We know we need patience, a plan, and perseverance.

Who has time or energy or engagement enough left over to laugh? But real learning and real living should produce joy, which should be audible in our homes. By laughing, by smiling, we set the tone and atmosphere of our homes.

Our mood as mom can make the work drudgery or delight – and it shouldn’t be an extra drudgery for us to make it delightful. Delight in learning is less about fun and ease and comfort and more about diligence and camaraderie and interest.

Stress inhibits learning. Laughter releases and calms stress. Will we have the courage to diffuse our own stress with our own laughter? We dare you to try it.

Rest assured, overwrought and stretched-thin mama: laughing is not just one more thing for your to-do list. It is simply remembering that you actually like your kids and learning. It is remembering that God’s in control and we are not, so we can lighten up.

Who we are will matter more than what we say – and ten times as much as what we tell them to do.

Are we ready to laugh?