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We know as homeschooling moms that we need to be ready to sacrifice and ready to teach and ready to follow through on our plans, but are we ready to lead?

Yes, leading is different from planning, sacrificing, and teaching.

Leading is active and engaged.

A leader blazes the trail, sets the example, and invites others to follow.

Leaders do not shove followers ahead of them, make others do what they won’t themselves do, or simply bark orders.

And being a leader as a homeschool mom really isn’t optional. If we aren’t leaders, we’re bound to be frustrated, exhausted, and wound too tight. Leading isn’t easier than simply being a boss, but it is more effective. Leadership v. dictatorship is not even necessarily more efficient, at least in the short term, and that’s why we’re tempted to avoid it.

But if we want our children to be lifelong learners, curious adults, interesting people – that starts with us. If we aren’t willing to be all three ourselves, we’re going to have a hard time convincing our kids that they should be.

What we do and how we do it is the most effective teaching tool we have – especially because we are both parent and teacher, wrapped into one, living with them all day every day.

Who we are will matter more than what we say – and ten times as much as what we tell them to do.

Yes, leaders must sacrifice, and teach, and plan. But leaders must also be the first one to take responsibility, to be teachable, and to follow the plan.

After all, as moms we don’t want our kids to grow up as mindless followers of whoever is loudest or most flattering or forceful. So getting them to obey by being louder, more flattering, or most forceful isn’t in step with our long-term goals.

A real leader is not threatened when her followers argue, push back, question, or complain. She takes that energy and directs it down healthy paths – paths that will help that follower be a leader in his own right. A good leader’s goal is to produce the next generation of leaders, not to remain forever in total control.

So being a leader is not about being in control, but in showing the way it’s done.

Are we ready to lead?