Learning Well Retreat 2018

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We know as homeschooling moms that we need to plan, prepare, direct, teach, and check work. We know we have to give, love, and discipline. We know we need patience, a plan, and perseverance.

But do we realize that we should also be learning? Learning is part of the job of not only a teacher, but of a human – that’s why we’re homeschooling. We know education is important enough to make a life-work, but are we willing to pursue it for ourselves as well?

We need to not only learn about education, our “career” pursuit, we need also to learn about God, humanity, and creation.

Rest assured, overwrought and stretched-thin mama: this is not just one more thing for your to-do list, although it might feel like that at first. This is like giving your mind and soul a meal. Just as we must feed our bodies with good food and clear water, so we must also feed our minds and souls with knowledge so that we don’t end our active lives with shriveled, shrunken, flabby selves.

If we want our children to be lifelong learners, curious adults, interesting people – that starts with us. If we aren’t willing to be all three ourselves, we’re going to have a hard time convincing our kids that they should be.

What we do and how we do it is the most effective teaching tool we have – especially because we are both parent and teacher, wrapped into one, living with them all day every day.

Who we are will matter more than what we say – and ten times as much as what we tell them to do.

Are we ready to learn?