Reply To: Life Changing Principles?

May 12, 2016 at 4:00 pm #9543

Ooh, good question, Brandy!

Like Meghan mentioned, “Children are born persons” was a huge lightbulb moment for me. It made me finally start to understand that my children are really God’s children, and that they are their own persons as well. They aren’t meant to be “little me’s” and I’m not supposed to be trying to form them and shape them into something in particular that I have in mind.

CIRCE’s motto of “Cultivating Wisdom and Virtue” and some of the things Andrew Kern has said about this have also been really transformational, helping me to better understand what my role as a mother and teacher really should be.

And Brandy, there’s a talk you gave (I think at your local homeschooling conference??) where you mentioned that idea of exposure breeds taste and that part of our role as parents is to make sure we are providing that exposure was really freeing for me. It helped me to get rid of the last vestiges of guilt over exposing my children abundantly to the true, good and beautiful, even if they weren’t always thrilled about it. And I’ve seen over the years how their taste has grown and changed, which is encouraging! And as a side note – that talk had such an impact on me that I still think about it every time I mop my kitchen (while not listening to something else, that is!), because that’s what I was doing the first time I listened to the talk! LOL