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    Hello! I live in Brighton and would love to find some “sisters” here in Colorado.

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    Hello! I live in Centennial, basically the opposite side of Denver from you, but I bet we could find a way to meet. ?

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    Hello. Just joined. I live all the way in Silverthorne. Do you ladies meet or have a group going? Cathlyn

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    I, too, have just joined. I’m in Montrose…make occasional runs to the Denver area (family in Arvada and friends in the South Denver/ Castle Rock area) and would love to connect along the way.

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    Hi ladies, just wanted to say hello. I’m in Greeley and we have a Nature Study group that meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month. If you’re ever down this way let me know, we’d love to have anyone come visit. =) Don’t know if any of you are CM homeschoolers, but our crew is. Wish we lived closer, it would be great to meet up and have tea and discuss books. =)

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    Hi Everyone!

    I started this thread a year ago and then had little man #5. Now that he is a year this week things have settled some 😉 Anyway, I would be glad to plan a meet up if everyone was invested. I know we are scattered all over, but maybe we could work something out. We could meet and then see how or if we want to proceed. Let me know.

    Enjoy your weekend!

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    Hi Virginia Lee!

    I haven’t been on here much, so I am not sure how to private message you. But I was interested in hearing more about your nature meetups. Greeley isn’t that far 😉

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    Hi Dany?, sorry couldn’t find your name in previous posts. My #5 is 14 months, so sounds like we have at least one of similar ages. We have a Charlotte Mason nature group that meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of every month. We meet at 10 am, and have 15 kiddos, ages 14 months up to 12 years old. Although w pregnant mamas there are always more on the way. =) We meet at the Poudre Trail or a park here in town depending on what our focus for the day is. But we tend to stick to those two spots so that we can really get to know them and see them change through the seasons. Currently our focus is Botany. We explore, some of the meetings have an object lesson, we nature journal. It’s really a great group. If you’d like more info than that you could DM me on Instagram, @vlcjrogers. But we’d love to have you!

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    We would love a meetup! Tuesday and Thursdays work for me.

    Would anyone be available more frequently for online meetups? Maybe discuss the SS podcasts and other topics we chose?

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    Hi Cathlyn,

    I hope Danybug sees this and that y’all find a way to get together. =) That would be wonderful!

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    Hey there,

    Another Greeley mom here, too. We are classical homeschoolers and would love to know some more CO families!

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