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    As we’re planning for the 2018 season of Scholé Sisters, one question that has arisen in my mind is what OTHER terms are like scholé — sort of nebulous, possibly foreign-sounding, but thrown around in classical circles as if we all know what they mean. Can we make a list? Are there any words you LOVE, or ones you wish you had more clearly defined for you?

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    The word classical itself seems to be rather tricky. Rest, too.

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    Ooh! I didn’t think about rest! Good point.

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    Leisure (obviously very much tied in with schole!)

    Also, terms that are used in relation to our planning/thinking about how we run our homeschools, such as: vision, purpose, intention, meaningful, etc. I think we (myself included) can sometimes use words like these to give the impression that we are doing something of great importance (which we are, of course), but not really having a firm grasp on the substance behind these nebulous “conceptual” words. Does that make sense?

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