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    Hi! Here’s a thread for local group leaders to share what they’re doing and how they’re managing their event. Ask questions, share ideas, and get support from one another.

    We so appreciate the time and energy you are putting into building up your local community! ?

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    I’m so excited to be doing this. I’m working with a gal I met off the AO page on FB, Meghan. We got a room at my church, and I created a form on google docs for sign ups. ( but please don’t fill it out if you aren’t coming to our meeting! 😀

    I’ve requested small round tables that seat 4 or 5. Of course, with Meghan and me, we have 6 total. So, might all be at one table…. I figure we will get a box of coffee and some small snacky items from the grocery store, and ask everyone to bring a sack lunch. Nothing fancy, just trying to arrange for some good conversation.

    We have a fairly large homeschooling community here in Waco, but it seems the moms stay really busy. Maybe its the trend towards big families? I’m not sure how to advertise except through FB and IG. And I’ll be okay with only us 6… but 10 would be nice for covering cost of venue.

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    The Google Docs idea is great!! Thanks!

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    Perfect Idea. Thank you much easier than my idea of sending out an email!

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