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    Share your favorite commonplace entries from November here!

    Here’s mine:

    First, from Sophie’s World, explaining Augustine’s & Aquinas’ view of Greek philosophy:

    “Aristotle goes only part of the way because he didn’t know of the Christian Revelation. But going only part of the way is not the same as going the wrong way.”

    And this from Dawn to Decadence, on the ideal of a renaissance man:

    “A Renaissance man *or woman* has the skill to fashion verses and accompany or sing them; a taste for good letters and good paintings, for Roman antiquities and the new architecture; and some familiarity with the rival philosophies. To all this must be added the latest refinements in manners as practiced in the princely courses, where men and women were expected to talk agreeably, to dance gracefully, to act in masques, and improve at-home theatricals. … The men must be soldiers; both sexes could be adept at politics.”

    “In short, it is the exact opposite of our intellectual and social specialisms, the reverse of our prefabricated hobbies and entertainments.”

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    I love both of these, Mystie.

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    I have slowed way down on my commonplace entries. I suppose I haven’t been reading much lately. But I do have one from November and one from December.

    From The Brothers Karamozov:

    People talk… a great deal about…education, but some good, sacred memory, preserved from childhood, is perhaps the best education. If a man carries many such memories with him into life, he is safe to the end of his days, and if one has only one good memory left in one’s heart, even that may sometime be the means of saving us.

    And from My Life in Christ by St. John of Krondstadt:

    …it is not by the variety of prayers that the soul is strengthened, but by their repetition, and by their being brought into our hearts, our will or activity, and into our whole life.

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    I recently watched a Reset Girl You Tube and am excited to use a commonplace journal to record entries with a bit of art journaling which I love!)…we will see ?

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    I just realized the pattern of posts here! Sorry guys! I think my comment is in the wrong place! ?

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