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    Share the one change you want to make this week to be present, play, or model learning in your homeschool.

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    Get IN the water with my kids instead of reading & watching them from the sidelines.

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      Oh that’s a good one!

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    I need to get outside with them more. I should probably work the schedule better to get things done in here so that we can *all* go out together.

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    Stop what I’m doing and give them my full attention when they come to talk to me. Don’t put my to-do list above interacting with my children when they want to interact.

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      I’m guilty of texting while my kids talk to me! I need to put phone in a lock box!

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      Right there with you!

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        This week I’ll set limits for phone usage: perhaps check emails at the end of day and social media and texting at scheduled breaks?

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    I want to get outside with them to play at least once and I want to read real books (not read on phone) where they can see me instead of in my room!

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      I tend to read during quiet times, so they don’t always see me read. But they do see the large stack of books I always have laying around!

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    I’m going to start with a 30 minute block of time each day where I will absolutely not engage in any other activity than being present with my kids. No trying to fold laundry, no checking my phone, no cleaning up, just be with them. I’m not going to turn it to my agenda (e.g. “Hey guys, lets read a book!”). I’m going to look at them, listen to them, and engage with them. Maybe I should start with 5 minutes to make it totally doable…lol.

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      LOL baby steps right! I used to do something similar when my boys where toddlers, just let them lead the play! I don’t know why I don’t do that anymore!

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    My main struggle is with my phone as a distraction. I’m going to leave my phone in a different room when I’m hanging out with my kids.

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    Araceli Day

    FB has to go for me. I was doing a Media Free weekend but I’m changing it to the whole week and checking it on Saturday.Also,Reading in front of my kids during our quiet reading time.

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    Ignore my phone more and focus on turning to face, and make eye-contact with my children when they come to me. I’m sure laughter and fun interactions will happen when I am more mentally available in the moment.

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    Be more intentional, make more eye contact, hug more often!

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    Start memorizing St. Crispin’s Day speech in morning time. I’ve been wanting to start a new shakespeare play and today reminded me Henry V is so great. More eye contact and hugs too (thanks Grace). Possibly snacks in Morning time because I have Hobbits!

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    I also want to be more intentional and pause and look myy children in the eye and smile at them more often when they come to talk to me. No sweet smiles for whining at me though.

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    These are some great ideas!

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