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    What are some ways you are GOOD at play in your homeschool? What do you do well that you can share with others?

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    I like the idea of thinking through this!

    I always think I’m terrible at playing because I don’t like getting on the floor and pushing around trains or playing dolls or having tea parties. Honestly, there are few things I’d rather do. So I’ve felt at times that I’m kind of forced between being bored/miserable around my kids by playing things I hate playing or being a no-fun mom.

    But I’ve realize there are ways I can be playful. I love to joke, and I’m pretty good at coming up with little ideas for how to make something that’s boring funny (kind of like Pam’s example of pug math). My kids love it when I do that, and I think I need to look for my opportunities to just insert a little verbal silliness into our day.

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    I think I’m good at finding good picture books to read aloud, even to my rising sixth grader. Maybe not exactly playful, but they enjoy the break from “serious” reading and I love searching for great, beautiful books that go with whatever we’re studying – especially in content areas. Every now and then, I ace being fun. But it’s few and far between! Often it’s when one or more of my kids are gone, because I find if all of them are home, it gets too loud, silly and overwhelming!

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    My kids think playing “teacher” is hilarious. This all came out of our math lessons, when I wanted to see if they had mastered an area. They have to teach me a lesson, and I am the student, complete with voice change, etc. It’s funny but exhausting!

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      I love this idea of playing teacher! I think I’ll need to try this with my youngest son who already has announced he will not do any kind of school when he gets older (he’s 4.5) I’m hopping he’ll change his mind as he gets older, otherwise I can let him be the teacher, LOL!

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    Okay, gotta tell this story… we did VBS last week, theme was Rome with Paul. I was in the underground church, and many of the 3rd and 4th graders were constantly challenging the setting… ‘how do you have plugs in your cave?” “how do you have glasses in ancient Rome?” My response… “I know how to play pretend.” That shut down the challenges and seemed to boost me in the eyes of those kids. 😀

    I’m thinking hard on this. I need to do play more.

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    We read silly poetry often. It is just the thing to grab when we need to get some play going on.

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    I found out that I’m good at play when I let loose, responsibly of course 😉 Being the only female in our household, one day I decided to play wrestling with my two boys during a school break and we all had so much fun! It was so unexpected a big reminder that we mothers need to play!
    My husband is really good at playing (he actually does that for a living) so I often feel like I need to be the serious parent, but letting loose has thought me that being playful is necessary to get through the challenging days!

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    My kids love “quiz the teacher”. They quiz me on something (math facts, phonograms, etc) and I answer. Only sometimes I give an absolutely outrageously wrong answer (like a cat meow instead of the actual sound for the letter or a letter or word as the answer to a math problem). When I do that, the kids get to making a buzzing sound to show I’m wrong. They love the silly wrong answers and they love “correcting” the teacher.

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    I use to love to play school when I was a child.

    What ideas do you all have for play in our homeschools for highschool age students?

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