Here’s how the process works:

  • You – the group leader – purchase access to the retreat and fill out the form about their group event.
  • You arrange your local location and invitation and food details. Based on these plans, you determine the cost to attend the event per person ($20 for the retreat access + any expenses you need to cover per person).
  • You publicize the event and send invitations as desired. It can be small and close-knit or a wide-open community affair.
  • At your event, you take payments and registration information from attendees. This information can also be used by you for follow-up – some local support groups start this way!
  • After you send us your retreat registration information, we email your attendees lifetime access to the replays and discussion area for the retreat on the Sistership; we invoice you for the group total minus your initial registration cost. You get free lifetime access!
  • If your invoice is paid by October 31, we will pop a special thank you gift in the mail for you!

The group rate is $20 per attendee, which is not due until after the event. This is a discount of $9 for your sisters, and each of them will still receive an account with lifetime access to the replays (if they provide their email address). Plus, as the group leader, you get a refund (in the form of a discount on the invoice total) for your registration cost.

We provide:

  • 5 quality sessions
  • discussion questions on pretty printables
  • an optional schedule with time for small group discussions between sessions
  • a checklist to help you not forget any details
  • a low-cost option for a homeschool mom’s day out.
  • a paper and digital way to take registration at the door
  • a special gift for the group leader (it includes a sticker)

You provide:

  • the venue
  • the food plan (take-out, cater, potluck, simple snacks – you’ll want something for this all-day event)
  • the invitation process
  • the hostessing of the event
The live event will be broadcast using Crowdcast.

If you have trouble accessing Crowdcast, contact their support. If you have technical trouble, try reloading. We will have a tech-check broadcast half and hour before the start of the first talk.

Quick Crowdcast tour:


Feel free to copy any of the wording in an email from Scholé Sisters or on the information page in your own emails or social media posts about your local retreat.



Add your own start and end time for your live event so that there is enough time for registrations and chit chat before the sessions begin and also enough time to discuss some more afterwards.

If you’re using the replays, you can schedule them whenever works for your group, with breaks of whatever length you’d like. Each session will be a separate recording to push play on.

Discussion Questions & Handouts

After all, what’s a Scholé Sisters event without a book list??

Leader FAQs:

Does our event have to be on September 21?

No! If your event will be on a different day, please let us know so we can contact you at the right time after your event to followup with registrations and invoicing. Replays will be available at the same link on Crowdcast immediately and available as YouTube video replays on the retreat page on Monday, September 23.

Some groups are even using the retreat one session at a time during their monthly meetings. That totally works! Just collect the registration at the first meeting.

We started late. Can we start the live session from the beginning?

Unfortunately this isn’t supported by Crowdcast. While a session is live, you can watch live. The replay can begin at the beginning a few minutes after the live recording has ended.

Help! I’m not seeing the live session!

Notice the “schedule” link in the upper lefthand corner. Click it to navigate between sessions.

What if only 4 or 5 people come? Will we get the group rate?

If you think your group will likely be 6+, go ahead and plan on it. If 5 or fewer show up, we’ll still invoice you at the group rate.

How do my friends register?

Your friends should register at the door on the day of your local retreat with you and not on our site. If an attendee shows a receipt that they already paid on our site, then let them know your cost for attending (if you had food or venue cost to collect) and simply leave them off your registration that you’ll turn in to us.

To get the group rate, however, they’ll pay in cash at the door to you, then we’ll invoice you for one amount afterwards.

Why do I have to pay more as the leader than the group rate?

You don’t. You’ll actually get free access once it’s over! The group leader pays $29 to get access and this acts like a deposit. After the event, we invoice for $20/attendee (not including the leader) and credit your initial purchase to the invoice, so you actually get in free while keeping your lifetime access.

Is this for classical or Charlotte Mason moms only?

No! We’re going to be talking to the intentional, purposeful homeschool mom who wants to do a good job and also not burn out while doing her best. No matter what your homeschool method, this will be a day of refreshment and renewal with a little kick-in-the-pants honesty.

The brochure available above explains who we are and what the retreat is about. Feel free to use any of the wording in your FB or email or in-person invitations.

Is this retreat Christian?

Yes. There is no true hope, and therefore no reason to laugh, if we did not have salvation in Christ. We will open and close in prayer and our message will be grounded in the truth of the gospel.

If you have an attendee who ends up unhappy with the content because the gospel offends her, give her a refund and we will not charge her (or she may contact us after your invoice is paid for a refund).