What a beautiful idea!

We want to make that easy for you to do.

If you want to plan a local “teacher’s inservice day” for your own homeschool community of 6 or more mothers at a local church, library, home, conference room, or other retreat venue, we’ll help you make it a day to remember.

We provide:

  • 5 quality sessions
  • discussion questions on pretty printables
  • an optional schedule with time for small group discussions between sessions
  • a checklist to help you not forget any details
  • a low-cost option for a homeschool mom’s day out.
  • a paper and digital way to take registration at the door
  • a special gift for the group leader (it includes a sticker)

You provide:

  • the venue
  • the food plan (take-out, cater, potluck, simple snacks – you’ll want something for this all-day event)
  • the invitation process
  • the hostessing of the event

For groups of 6 or more who want to spread the word in their local area, invite friends, and keep it simple and low-cost, start by having the group leader purchase lifetime access to the retreat, then click the button to fill out the form with information about your group event. Once you fill that out, you’ll immediately get information about how to host a group event with us.

Here’s the logistics low-down:

  • The group leader will purchase access to the retreat and fill out the form about their group event.
  • We’ll establish contact and send the information packet with extra support via email.
  • The group leader will arrange location and invitation and food details. Based on these plans, the group leader will determine the cost to attend the event per person.
  • The group leader publicizes the event and sends invitations as desired. It can be small and close-knit or a wide-open community affair.
  • The group leader takes payment and registration information from attendees at the event.
  • After the event, Scholé Sisters requests the registration inform, sets up accounts for all attendees, and invoices the group.
  • After the invoice is paid, if it is paid by October 31, we pop a special thank you gift in the mail to the group leader!

The group rate is $20 per attendee, which is not due until after the event. This is a discount of $9 for your sisters, and each of them will still receive an account with lifetime access to the replays (if they provide their email address).

It’s win-win-win for everyone, and it’s bound to be a bonding experience for your group.

Still have questions? Send us an email:

Ready to dive in and get your sisters on board?

Start by purchasing access to the 2019 online retreat: Laughing Well.

Laughing Well Online Retreat – $29

Need more information?

Downloadable Schedules coming soon

Brochure and half-sheet invitations coming soon

September 21 not a good day? Purchase now and you can hold the same retreat at a later date or you can host a similar retreat with the 2018 Learning Well retreat replays.