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Become a better reader with our laid-back method:

Do you have a commonplace book?

A commonplace book is place for recording the thoughts, passages, and quotes that speak truth into your life.

For centuries, these personal collections have played a significant role in the way scholars read, learn, and remember. They paint a beautiful picture of an individual’s growth over time- of his or her personal journey of learning and growing. But the beauty of some examples might make you feel too intimidated to get started.

Commonplacing does not need to be fancy or fussy. Your notebook, your pens, your handwriting doesn’t have to be flawless. You’re not creating a keepsake to be an artistic treasure; you’re keeping a field guide for learning – and learning is an ongoing, messy process. Take joy in the process, even when it’s messy.

In this workshop, we’ll walk you through our own various commonplace methods over the years, talk about how we’ve changed and adapted, and our top recommendations for getting started.

We’ll show you how simple and easy it is to get started with commonplacing today!

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