About the Scholé Sisters

Scholé Sisters began in 2014 as the brain child of Sarah Mackenzie after she had self-published the first edition of Teaching from Rest. She pulled together friends Brandy Vencel, Pam Barnhill, and Mystie Winckler to form a joint blog about homeschooling classically from a state of rest. After Read-Aloud Revival took off, Sarah passed the reins of Scholé Sisters over to Brandy. Blog posts moved to the individual authors’ sites and Scholé Sisters spent a year as a monthly email … Read More

SS #69: Socratic Trialogue (with Renee Shepard!)

Our special guest today is Renee Shepard. Renee has been married for 14 years. She and her husband, who were both homeschooled, are now homeschooling their six children. She is currently finishing her graduate degree in Classical Christian Studies at New Saint Andrews College, where her favorite things to study are theology, Latin, and literature. This episode is a follow up to an episode we did last year called Someone Stole My Socrates. Brandy, Mystie, and Renee discuss a work … Read More

Make the most of your new leisure time.

Abby Wahl will be guiding Brandy and Mystie – and you! – through the process of making a doable plan now that previous plans are out the window. Instead of falling prey to distraction and anxiety, let’s be proactive and design new times of learning, growing, and leisure into our home and family patterns. This free workshop will be Saturday, March 28, at 9am Pacific (noon Eastern). When you sign up, you’ll get the link to join as well as … Read More

Thank you for signing up for the workshop!

Soon you’ll be receiving everything you need to participate in this free, fun workshop by email. We’re still putting the finishing touches on our worksheet, so it won’t go out until end of day Saturday. In the meantime, please share this workshop with anyone you think might benefit from it. You’ll find a post to share on our Instagram and Facebook accounts, and you can also share this sign-up page here. Thanks!

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