Want homeschooling to be delightful?

Then YOU need to be full of delight. You want a strong relationship with your kids, but sometimes they’re pills. Truth is, sometimes you are, too. You long for joy in the journey. You want your kids to leave your home with good memories and funny stories. You want connections not only between subjects, but also between you and your children. You are hunting for the missing piece that will bring it all together and make it all feel not … Read More

Lead a local group!

Here’s how the process works: You – the group leader – purchase access to the retreat and fill out the form about their group event. You arrange your local location and invitation and food details. Based on these plans, you determine the cost to attend the event per person ($20 for the retreat access + any expenses you need to cover per person). You publicize the event and send invitations as desired. It can be small and close-knit or a … Read More

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