Share Your Logical Liberty Experiences & Insights.

We want to hear from you as you work through the Liberty of Logic. What connections have you made and what flashes of insights have you experienced? What applications have you made in educating, parenting, living, or friending? Would you recommend this course to others? Why or why not? You can share your thoughts in three ways, whichever you prefer: Written, Audio, or Video. Share via writing: Share via speaking: Share via video (you record & upload the file to … Read More

Loving your community – how to host a local retreat in 2020

Find the support materials you need to make your local group a success. If you haven’t filled out our hostess form or if you need the basic info to get started, visit the local group sign up page and be sure to submit the form. Check back at this page for more details and information as we get closer to the event. Local Retreat Event Planning Checklist Local Schedules by Time Zone: Need some words for your email or Facebook … Read More

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