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SS #43: Forgotten Classics (with Martin Cothran!)

In this episode, Mystie and Brandy talk with Martin Cothran from Memoria Press. Martin is known for (among other things) his knowledge of forgotten classics – really good books almost no one remembers. It was our pleasure to discuss with Martin the nature of these books and how to find them.       Thank you to our sponsor: This episode is sponsored by Learning Well. Did you miss out on our September Learning Well Retreat? Not to worry, the … Read More

Carpe Librum! Books for the classical homeschool mama

Wondering what you should read next? We’ve got you covered, no matter what level you’d prefer. 101, 201, 301 – graduate into a better understanding of education by reading these books. Download the free guide:

SS #42: Carpe Librum (Seize the Booklist)

If you were bummed that you were unable to attend the Scholé Sisters session at GHC in Cincinatti, and then extra disappointed we were unable to offer you a recording … this is for YOU! Brandy, Mystie, and Pam have redone the whole thing, and you can even get a download of the document handout with all the important details!   Download the booklist   Thank you to our sponsor: This episode is sponsored by two new podcasts from The … Read More

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