SS #66: A Faculty of Friends

In today’s episode, Brandy, Mystie, Pam, and Abby discuss the “faculty of friends” concept presented by Ravi Jain and Kevin Clark in the new revised edition of The Liberal Arts Tradition, an idea that also appears in Norms and Nobility, Poetic Knowledge, and more! We think you’ll find this episode inspiring and encouraging. Jump into our Shakespeare mentorship! The Sistership Premier Shakespeare mentorship led by Kelly Cumbee – she’s guiding us through As You Like It – just began, and … Read More

SS #65: Falling in Love with Shakespeare (with Kelly Cumbee!)

Our guest on the show today is Kelly Cumbee. Brandy and Mystie have known Kelly for over a decade because she was a participant in the old online book clubs led by Cindy Rollins. Brandy is very excited to introduce you to her. For over twenty-five years Kelly Cumbee has been educating her seven children at home, where she mostly sits in her rocking chair and reads aloud to them what she herself wants to learn. She has always loved … Read More


You wouldn’t say that you are new to conversations about educational philosophy and that you aren’t sure where to start or whether you fit in yet. And you wouldn’t say that you love to read widely and dig educational philosophy, and want to dig deeper and find others who are reading and thinking – and talking about it. So we’d love to hear what you would say and how we can better help you!

Sometimes, homeschooling can be lonely and isolated. Sometimes, we even do it to ourselves. We homeschool to be independent. We homeschool to march to our own drummer. We homeschool to make the decisions ourselves. But we weren’t made to live and work alone. God made us social creatures who need each other’s support. Friends encourage us, give us fresh perspectives, and spur us on. You are not alone. Likeminded, self-educating moms are out there. Let’s connect. The real secret sauce … Read More

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