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Somers, CT Description: Aimed toward homeschooling families in northern CT and Western MA. We offer opportunities to gather for Scholé Solon and the annual Learning Well retreat. Contact: Elizabeth Garrett Email: Elizabeth.garrett104 AT gmail DOT com Phone: (860) 272-6640


*New* in Rockford, IL Description: (Seeking, not yet established) Support and community for classical Christian homeschoolers around the central IL/WI border. Contact: Sarah White Email: whitepeapod AT gmail DOT com   *New* in Shelbyville, IL Description: (Looking to start) I would like to start a Scholé Sisters group in my area. It would be very…


*New* in Boise, ID Description: (Looking to start) No group, but would love to have one. Contact: Nicole Christensen Email: nikkipeach AT hotmail DOT com Phone: (208) 850-8825

New York

*New* in Rochester, NY Description: (Looking to start) Contact: Rachel Schek Email: rmschek AT gmail DOT com