Those of us homeschooling now owe a great debt to those who blazed the trail. No matter how lonely we might feel at times, no matter how alone in our opinions or choices, the reality is that we are in good company. We just have to recognize and find that company. Just like our students need us to learn alongside them as we educate, so we must find mentors to sit under and emulate ourselves. After all, a student becomes … Read More

Tell us about your 5×5 picks!

Have you joined Sistership yet? Click here to find out how. Members of Sistership Basic & Premier get extra accountability and support with meetups throughout the year and the opportunity to win prizes for completing their challenges. First 5×5 Community Meet-Up: Saturday, January 25, 2020, 9am Pacific (noon Eastern) for Sistership Basic & Premier members

Read widely. Think deeply. Apply practically. Identities are found, built, and strengthened in community and through conversation. The Sistership is a community founded by classical homeschool moms to support the development and growth the homeschool moms who are – knowingly or not – an integral part of the revival of the classical tradition. If you want to skip the shallow tips and tricks that usually passes for homeschool help – If you hate the superficial positivity that usually passes for … Read More

Take the 5×5 in 2020 challenge!

Don’t get stuck in a reading rut. To keep our reading broad yet deep, expansive yet selective, we’re issuing this 5×5 challenge to ourselves and to you, too. In 2020, let’s select 5 different subject areas to read in. Multa non Multum is a classical educational principle that reminds us to be choosy about our books, to read the best in a field, and to use our reading to broaden our understanding – which doesn’t happen when we get stuck … Read More

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