South Dakota

*NEW* in Watertown, SD Description: We are a new group just starting in September 2018, join us! Contact: Jennifer Olson Email: jennifermolson AT gmail DOT com Phone: (612) 719-0808


*NEW* in Hopkins, MN Description: (looking to start) Contact: Marnie Walden Email: marnie_walden AT gmail DOT com Phone: (763) 442-3517  

Want to raise lifelong learners?

Want to raise lifelong learners? Be one. Moms must be learners, too. We want our kids to love learning, to be self-motivated, to not try to fight us through the school day but rather be eager and excited to learn. The question we must ask is are we that way? Do we want to know about history, about mankind, about Creation, about God? Whether or not we want to can be told not by our feelings or words, but by … Read More

Learning Well 2018 Local Retreat Locations

We are so excited to be gearing up for the 2018 online retreat: Learning Well. Mystie Winckler, Brandy Vencel, Pam Barnhill, and Cindy Rollins will be getting together in Chattanooga, TN along with Dawn Garrett so they can broadcast live and with energy and enthusiasm for you at home. To participate in this retreat you don’t need to leave home, much less travel. There will be chatbox discussions so you can still experience community and know you have likeminded companions … Read More

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