Homeschool Planning Edition | The July 2016 Scholé Sisters Newsletter

Hi! The podcast is in summer vacation mode and I hope you are, too! For me, a chunk of summer vacation involves homeschool planning, which is fine because I love that stage of the homeschool year the most. 🙂 Similarly, the podcast sisterhood is in planning mode and recording for the next season starts tomorrow! We’re working on episodes on personality, literature, learning styles, and a few pesky conundrums we classical Charlotte Mason moms face as we learn more and … Read More

SS #08: Making the Most of Summer with Habits and Virtue

In today’s episode, Mystie and Brandy use Aristotle’s Nichomachean Ethics to discuss the connection between habits and virtue, and then proceed to convince themselves to work on shoring up good habits over the summer to pave the way for a better school year. They talk about different types of habits to build, as well as how to build them. They also discuss a question on assessment sent to us by Amanda Venema from His New Day – and a big shout out to Amanda … Read More

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