The Message of Leisure & Scholé: Chapter 1 – What We’re Missing

As a summer special, Scholé Sisters is publishing a blog series through Josef Pieper’s Leisure, the Basis of Culture. This is the book that brought scholé back into our vocabulary. Instead of writing about the book or writing additional commentary, however, we’re taking a thought-by-thought paraphrase approach, chapter-by-chapter. Like The Message is to the Bible, so this series is to Leisure: common idiom, loose paraphrase, maybe a little clarification or connection added for the reader’s benefit. Enjoy! Our hands are … Read More

Learning Well 2018 Retreat Replays (with Cindy Rollins)

Ideal for new and experienced moms from all homeschooling methods the Learning Well Retreat will help you:

  • Discover and apply truth, goodness, and beauty for yourself and not only your curriculum.
  • Troubleshoot your difficulties in carving out time to preread and read on your own.
  • Balance a scholé atmosphere with effective consistency.
  • Find ways to learn and teach that work with your personal style instead of against it.
  • Learn how the liberal arts apply to all of life and not only the books you choose.

This is the teacher’s development day you need.

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*NEW* in Henderson, NV Description: Would love to host a group in the Green Valley area of Henderson. Contact: Crystal Miller Email: millervillemom AT gmail DOT com Phone: (702)759-6673

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