Want lifelong learners? Be one!

You want an atmosphere in your home that reflects the kind of education you desire to give your children. You long for truth, goodness, and beauty. You want peaceful days with kids who don’t have to be forced to do their work. You want connections not only between subjects, but also between you and your children. You are searching for that one element that you are convinced is the key to making all of this happen in your home. Yeah. … Read More

New Hampshire

*New* in Portsmouth, NH Description: (looking to start)  No group yet, but I’d love one! Contact: Katie Menchen Email: mkmenchen AT gmail DOT com


*New* in Centerton, AR (NWA) Description: (looking to start)  Melanie would love to connect with other like-minded mamas! Contact: Melanie Simpson Email: cawhoo AT cox DOT net

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