SS #00: Welcome to Scholé Sisters (Our Introductory Episode!!)

An introductory episode, naturally, needs to cover all the basics. In this episode, we start by introducing ourselves. Then, we discuss the word scholé – how is it pronounced? What does it mean? After that, we discuss Scholé Sisters groups. Pam and Brandy have more formal groups, while Mystie has mastered the fine art of informal scholé with friends. And then, we finish up by explaining the podcast itself – what it’s for, the format of the show, how it’s going to work, that … Read More

How to Leave an iTunes Review

Here’s how to use your computer to leave us a review: Launch iTunes and go into the iTunes store and search for Scholé Sisters. Click on it. You should end up with a screen that looks something like this: Click “Ratings and Reviews” (see red arrow in our image below) and now your screen will look something like this: Click “Write a Review” (see our red arrow below) and your screen will look like this: Write a review! Here are some pointers: … Read More


We’d love for you to have this free ebook we’ve put together called How to Start a Scholé Sisters Group. It will help give you the practical insights and inspirations you need to start your own group, whether it’s formal or just regular conversation with a single friend.   You’ll also receive our monthly newsletter, with exclusive content and links to the best Scholé content around the web that month.

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