Snohomish Sistership: Premier Level

Support the Scholé Sisters by joining the Sistership! In addition to the benefits of the basic and leadership levels, premier level members also receive

* access to a 5-month book club led by Cindy Rollins (two 5-month book clubs per year, led by an experienced discussion leader)
* one exclusive t-shirt per year (orders made in June and shipped in August) ($20 value, requires active premier membership June-August minimum)
* access to the 2017 Leading Well retreat replays (no longer for sale)
* access to the Spring seminar included

Click here to learn about the basic level and the leadership level, also.

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SS #52: Philosophy for Mommies (with Eric Hall!)

Eric Hall is back on the show today. He received rave reviews when he appeared in Episode 29 called I’m Not the Holy Spirit. So many of you wanted to hear more from him, but let us introduce him in case you haven’t yet heard that episode. Eric Hall is an adjunct professor of English at Bakersfield College where he teaches writing and literature. Eric has a B.A. in English from the Master’s College followed by graduate studies in theology … Read More

Spring Training 2019: Education Basics with Eric Hall

This series of three lectures will help mother-educators better understand the project they have undertaken, allowing them to fulfill their responsibilities with understanding and wisdom.

* **Session 1**, Monday, May 6, 5pm Pacific: **What is education?** What does it mean to be educated? Why is it necessary for human beings, not just for the modern world but for all time and in all cultures?

* **Session 2**, Monday, May 13, 5pm Pacific: **What is classical education?** Building upon the first session, we will investigate how classical models are the best answer to the problems of human sin and ignorance, and how modern educational theories systematically ignore these realities.

* **Session 3**, Monday, May 20, 5pm Pacific: **What is Christian education?** Finally, we will examine some basic questions regarding the relationship between faith and educational philosophy. Expanding on our discussion from sessions 1 and 2, we will look at how classical education and Christian education might be harmonious but not identical.

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