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We’re so happy you’re joining this gang of sisters on the journey of intentional, restful learning and teaching!   You should be receiving an email with a link to register your account. You’ll set up your username and password and be able to login. After you register, please start by introducing yourself in the introductions area. At any time you can click your name up at the top of the screen to see menus for changing your profile and your … Read More

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Welcome! [click here to log in] The Scholé Sistership is a place to gather and find your sisters – either to start a local group or to have likeminded women to brainstorm and spitball with right here online. Find ladies who want to start a virtual Scholé Sisters group or get ideas for how to incorporate more scholé into your own life and teach from rest. In order to keep the forum for those who take this home educating pursuit … Read More

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