How to Leave an iTunes Review

Here’s how to use your computer to leave us a review: Launch iTunes and go into the iTunes store and search for Scholé Sisters. Click on it. You should end up with a screen that looks something like this: Click “Ratings and Reviews” (see red arrow in our image below) and now your screen will look something like this: Click “Write a Review” (see our red arrow below) and your screen will look like this: Write a review! Here are some pointers: … Read More


We’d love for you to have this free ebook we’ve put together called How to Start a Scholé Sisters Group. It will help give you the practical insights and inspirations you need to start your own group, whether it’s formal or just regular conversation with a single friend.   You’ll also receive our monthly newsletter, with exclusive content and links to the best Scholé content around the web that month.


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