Colorado Springs, CO Description: Tempus Decori Scholé Sisters is for women: who are home educating (or considering it) who seek truth, beauty, goodness, and virtue in a gospel-saturated, Christ-centered environment who are eager to study, enjoy, and cultivate a love for Charlotte Mason and classical methodology in their homeschool who are seeking like-minded women for fellowship, encouragement, accountability, and friendship who have a deep love for Christ and know that He is the Source of all truth, beauty, goodness, and … Read More

SS #49: The Sisters on Sayers — Not the Podcast You Expected

This is the first of two episodes in which the Sisters say things about Dorothy Sayers — specifically, they say things about her famous essay, The Lost Tools of Learning. What sort of things, you ask? Today, we’re talking good stuff: the good, the true, the beautiful. Join us! Thank you to our sponsor: This episode is sponsored by the Sistership. Have you joined the Sistership yet? On our new-and-improved Sistership platform we not only have meaty and humorous conversation, … Read More

SS #48: Someone Stole My Socrates

This episode, Brandy and Mystie discuss the Socratic Method. Is it really classical? Is it progressive? Does it have anything to do with Socrates? Has he been kidnapped and, if so, it is right to hunt him down and steal him back?? This conversation was great fun for us. We think you’ll enjoy it, too! Thank you to our sponsor: This episode is sponsored by the Scholé Sisters newsletter! I know what you’re thinking: why in the world is our … Read More

Find your sisters – online & locally

The Scholé Sistership is a place to gather and find your sisters – either to start a local group or to have likeminded women to brainstorm and spitball with right here online. Find ladies who want to start a virtual Scholé Sisters group, start a private group for your local book club, or get ideas for how to incorporate more scholé into your own life and teach from rest. Sistership subscriptions support the production and maintenance of the website and … Read More

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