Transcript for SS #57: Heroes First! (with Wendi Capehart)

Click here to listen to this episode. Brandy: You’re listening to Scholé Sisters episode number 57. Welcome to Scholé Sisters, the podcast for the classical homeschooling mama who seeks to learn and grow while she’s helping her children learn and grow. Scholé Sisters is a casual conversation about topics that matter to those of us in the trenches of classical homeschooling who yearn for something more than just checking boxes and getting it all done. I’m your host, Brandy Vencel. You … Read More

SS #61: Have Your Humble Pie … and Eat It, Too!

Today’s episode was recorded live at the beach house while we were at the fall retreat! The sound quality is a little less than our usual, but we can’t tell you how fun it was to record face-to-face. Our topic today is humility and teachableness. We think you’ll find the conversation very interesting. Join Our November Challenge! Coming up in November we are hosting our first ever month-long CHALLENGE! As you know, principles aren’t for having or knowing – they … Read More

The Principle in Action Challenge

“Exposure Breeds Taste” November 2019 We need more than know-how. We need practice. Principles take practice and are supposed to be put into action. Every school day in November, let’s take one small step to implement one basic education principle. This year’s challenge is to put “exposure breeds taste” into practice in your home and note the results. Here’s how to participate: Exposure Breeds Taste: “It bears repeating what I learned from a lecture by John Hodges {conductor, musician, and composer, as … Read More


*New* in Gilbert, AZ (East Valley of Phoenix) Description: (looking to start)  No group yet but I would be interested in starting one! Contact: Lisa Johnson Email: ejohnson29 AT gmail DOT com Phone: (702) 465-6491

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