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SS #60: History as a Center Cannot Hold (with Angelina Stanford!)

Our guest today is the lovely and delightfully controversial Angelina Stanford. Angelina has an Honors Baccalaureate Degree and a Master’s Degree in English Literature from the University of Louisiana. For over twenty-five years, she has shared her passion and enthusiasm for literature with students in a variety of settings — everywhere from university classrooms to homeschool co-ops to homeschooling her own three children. You can find Angelina at where she teaches online literature classes for middle school through adult, … Read More

SS# 59: Scholé Sisters Group Therapy

In today’s episode, Brandy, Pam, and Mystie get real about Scholé Sisters groups. First, they talk about Pam’s Scholé Salon, specifically what they’ve done and how it’s going. From there, they transition to what to do when groups experience change or difficulty. Groups, even GOOD groups, will experience trials and setbacks, and it’s important for all of us to think about how to respond. Listen to the podcast: Show Notes: Scholé Everyday: Mystie Fitbit Brandy Sistership: Premier Susie’s Stupendous Sojourn … Read More

Yay! You’re ready to dig in.

It’s so easy for podcast episodes to go one ear and out the other. This is our attempt to help you – and us! – engage with the ideas more fully, prepare for better dialog, and apply the thoughts and connections we make to our daily life. Application doesn’t have to be one more thing to do. Often it’s simply another thing to notice and appreciate about the world God made. Responding in gratitude and love is application enough. Your … Read More

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