New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM Description:: I help run two groups – one is a hiking group and we try to get in a short hike somewhere nearby about once a month; this one we include our children. The other is a book group for moms, and we also meet about once a month in the evening. Contact: Kara Email: abqhsgroup AT gmail DOT com

New Jersey

Carteret, NJ Description: Looking for a local group to support one another. Contact: Monica Lopez Email: chiribitica AT hotmail DOT com Phone: (908) 485-5854


*New* Church Hill, MD Description: No group yet, but looking for other like-minded mamas. Contact: Kathleen Williams Email: athomefourhim AT gmail DOT com Phone: (410) 758-4536

SS #54: Gainsaying Sayers

In today’s episode, Mystie, Pam, and Brandy finish up their conversation about Dorothy Sayers’ essay, The Lost Tools of Learning, which began in Episode 49. In fact, if you haven’t listened to Episode 49, you really should do that first. Anyhow, in this episode the Scholé Sisters discuss and debate the trivium portion of the essay. It’s great fun you won’t want to miss. Thank you to our sponsor: This episode is sponsored by The Scholé Sisters Sistership. Have you … Read More

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