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  • 2018 Retreat: Learning Well, with Cindy Rollins

    Homeschool conferences can be exhausting and overwhelming. A retreat will build your skills and feed your soul.

    **Ideal for new and experienced moms from all homeschooling methods the Learning Well Retreat will help you:**

    * Discover and apply truth, goodness, and beauty for yourself and not only your curriculum.
    * Troubleshoot your difficulties in carving out time to preread and read on your own.
    * Balance a scholé atmosphere with effective consistency.
    * Find ways to learn and teach that work with your personal style instead of against it.
    * Learn how the liberal arts apply to all of life and not only the books you choose.

    **This is the teacher’s development day you need.**

    P.S. – If you add a Sistership Membership along with this purchase, you’ll get $5 off your first year!