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  • 2018 Retreat: Learning Well, with Cindy Rollins

    Homeschool conferences can be exhausting and overwhelming. A retreat will build your skills and feed your soul.

    **Ideal for new and experienced moms from all homeschooling methods the Learning Well Retreat will help you:**

    * Discover and apply truth, goodness, and beauty for yourself and not only your curriculum.
    * Troubleshoot your difficulties in carving out time to preread and read on your own.
    * Balance a scholé atmosphere with effective consistency.
    * Find ways to learn and teach that work with your personal style instead of against it.
    * Learn how the liberal arts apply to all of life and not only the books you choose.

    **This is the teacher’s development day you need.**

    P.S. – If you add a Sistership Membership along with this purchase, you’ll get $5 off your first year!

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Commonplace Workshop

    Do you have a commonplace book?

    A place for recording the thoughts, passages, and quotes that speak truth into your life?

    For centuries, these personal collections have played a significant role in the way scholars read, learn, and remember. They paint a beautiful picture of an individual’s growth over time- of his or her personal journey of learning and growing.

    Start your own today!

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  • Scholé Sisters Online Retreat: Leading Well

    #### You are not just a mom, you are a leader in your home.

    When you redefine your role as a homeschooling mom and focus on effective and creative leadership, you can design an atmosphere of peace and learning that will last the entire school year.

    #### This is the teacher’s personal development day that you need.

    * Brandy: Secrets to Leading on the Sly
    * Pam: Leaders Don’t Eat Their Young
    * Mystie: Lead with Your Strengths
    * Panel: Leading Without Bossing
    * Q&A Discussion

    Lifetime personal access to the videos, audio, and pdfs.

    Click here if you’d like to use these replays for a homeschool support group event.

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Sistership Subscription

    Support the Scholé Sisters and join the Sistership! Rather like Patreon, Sistership subscribers will receive bonus audio, extra posts, forum access, newsletter back issues, and insider information.

    This is a subscription and will auto-renew once a year.

    not rated $10.00 / year
  • Start Your Own Scholé Sisters Group

    Scholé (pronounced skoh-lay) is a Greek word that means restful learning. When we say we want to add more scholé to our life, it means we want to seek truth, beauty, and goodness first and foremost. We long to go deep, make connections, and let what we learn nurture and transform us.

    not rated $5.00