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  • 2018 Retreat: Learning Well, with Cindy Rollins

    Homeschool conferences can be exhausting and overwhelming. A retreat will build your skills and feed your soul.

    **Ideal for new and experienced moms from all homeschooling methods the Learning Well Retreat will help you:** * Discover and apply truth, goodness, and beauty for yourself and not only your curriculum. * Troubleshoot your difficulties in carving out time to preread and read on your own. * Balance a scholé atmosphere with effective consistency. * Find ways to learn and teach that work with your personal style instead of against it. * Learn how the liberal arts apply to all of life and not only the books you choose. **This is the teacher’s development day you need.**  

  • 2019 Retreat: Laughing Well, with Cindy Rollins

    Held live on September 21, 2019. Lifetime access to the replays included with purchase. Homeschool conferences can be exhausting and overwhelming. A retreat will build your skills and feed your soul.

    Ideal for new and experienced moms from all homeschooling methods the Laughing Well Retreat will help you:

    • Discover delight in the day-to-day real life of homeschooling.
    • Troubleshoot your sources of frustration and irritation that steal your joy.
    • Recognize that peace and joy comes from trust in Christ.
    • See how the gospel applies to our homeschool lifestyle and brings us joy.
    • Embrace homeschooling as intense character training for ourselves.
    • Find ways to add laughter with your kids, husband, and friends.


    This is the teacher’s development day you need.

    not rated $29.00
  • Become a Sistership Sophie

    Grow in wisdom & truth in your own lifelong liberal arts pursuit. Apply principles not only to education, but to life.

    As a Sistership Sophie you’ll find camaraderie and conversation about topics that matter, plus so much more. You’ll also receive the educational support you need to remain an engaged lifelong learner yourself. Exclusive lectures, conversations, book clubs, and mentorships will feed your mind and soul and prepare you to be a better lead learner in your home.
  • Become a Sistership Supporter

    Get more of the conversations and community you’ve been seeking – with likeminded, deep-thinking homeschooling moms. Better than Facebook or Patreon, the Sistership is an online community (with an app!) that lets you chat, connect, listen to exclusive extra audio, find replays of past events, and even schedule local events of your own. Book clubs, both online and in person, are supported within the community and we can easily share not only our own #scholeeveryday but also have meaningful conversations about the latest episode or our current book selection.

    not rated $3.99
  • Classical Education 101 – taught by Eric Hall

    Spring Training Seminar Series 2019

    This series of three lectures will help mother-educators better understand the project they have undertaken, allowing them to fulfill their responsibilities with understanding and wisdom.

    • Session 1 –  What is education? What does it mean to be educated? Why is it necessary for human beings, not just for the modern world but for all time and in all cultures?
    • Session 2 – What is classical education? Building upon the first session, we will investigate how classical models are the best answer to the problems of human sin and ignorance, and how modern educational theories systematically ignore these realities.
    • Session 3 – What is Christian education? Finally, we will examine some basic questions regarding the relationship between faith and educational philosophy. Expanding on our discussion from sessions 1 and 2, we will look at how classical education and Christian education might be harmonious but not identical.

    Access is included in the Sophie level of Sistership.

    not rated $20.00
  • Gift Subscription to Sistership Sophies

    Give a sister the gift of Sophie-level learning. Each quantity that you add is a month’s subscription. It will not renew or autocharge after this purchase. Adding 12 months will automatically discount to the annual price.

    not rated $9.99
  • Prerequisites to Real Conversation – taught by Steven Rummelsburg

    Spring Training Seminar Series 2020

    Great conversations about the Great Conversation: How to develop an understanding of a Socratic Seminar as it ought to be.

    • Session 1 –  Science, Souls, & Synthesis: Recovering Reality (May 11, 2020, 5pm Pacific)
      Without a grasp of what is real, conversation is doomed.
    • Session 2 – Art, Arete, & Action: Loving Language (May 18, 2020, 5pm Pacific)
      Literacy is an art, essential to fruitful conversations concerning the classics.
    • Session 3 – Nature, Knowledge, & Nothings: Prioritizing Principles (May 25, 2020, 5pm Pacific)
      When utility and practicality displace truth and virtue, we get none of them.

    Access is included in the Sophie level of Sistership.

    not rated $20.00
  • The Liberty of Logic: Discover freedom & confidence through principles of sound thinking

    an 8-week, 24-session intensive with Steven Rummelsburg on how to think, converse, and teach with logic and love


    Build on a foundation of truth with clear, sound principles. Learn logic as a liberal art that will set your mind and conversation and teaching free.


    July 13-September 4, 2020


    Lifetime access included.

    not rated $159.00