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SS #16: Don’t Be the White Witch

In spite of empty platitudes and trite sayings, we get — philosophically speaking — to the bottom of Christmas, after all. How does all the work of making Christmas happen correspond to our search for scholé? Can we simplify Christmas? Should we? And what has that to do with our faith? We talk about all this and more in today’s episode.

Is your house like Narnia under Jadis? Always winter and never Christmas? Give your Christmas spirit a philosophical boost with a good dose of Chesterton!

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This episode is sponsored by The Art of Homeschooling. It’s the truth: The perfect plan will never be perfectly executed. Homeschool days will go horribly wrong. Our energy will fizzle out and our attention will wane. Our kids dawdle, complain, and bicker. It happens. To work our plan isn’t to fix ourselves, our home, or our children so that such things never happen. No, to work our plan is to have strategies for handling life even when it goes off the rails, because that’s actually when important lessons are learned by all. Visit Simplified Organization to download the free motivation prep sheet that will help you discipline & organize your homeschool morning attitude, even when it’s been two hours since your last cup of coffee.


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  • Nitty Gritty Homeschool Question: Do you do anything to keep up your children’s skills during Christmas break?


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