In today’s episode, Mystie and Brandy have a conversation about the connection between love and learning. Is it important that our students love their subjects? Is it important that WE love the subjects we’re teaching? What do we do if we’re without love? It’s a big topic, and probably one we’ll need to come back to again and again, because it gets to the very heart of what education truly is.

Episode 02: What's Love Got to Do with It? The connection between love and learning might be closer than you think.

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11 Responses

  • This was another amazing episode, ladies. It is such a joy to listen to a conversation between two bright women thinking deeply about affections and the formation of souls whilst I prepared dinner. If everyone made time to listen to this episode many misconceptions about stay-at-home homeschooling moms would be shattered with no hope of repair. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to listen in on your conversations – and I’m really thankful for still more book recommendations.

    PS – I’m still not receiving notifications when comments are made on this blog. I remember that was an issue previously, so I thought I’d mention it. Because clearly you guys don’t have enough on your plates to juggle and would love another mystery to solve. A la Father Brown, of course.

    PPS – I bet I’m going to get follow up comments to this post simply because I wrote that it is an issue. If I do then I’ll come back and report that there isn’t an issue after all.:)

  • Fantastic episode, Ladies! I’ve really been enjoying the Schole Sisters podcasts–one of my new favorites.

    The reminder of nurturing the need to “care/love/have affection” for our children’s learning is so fantastic–so easy to get lost in the daily grind, but nurturing passion in their education is so important. Mystie’s point on love as “truth” and loving truth really resonated with me. Loved the point that love of things needs to be practiced–true for both learning and relationship.

    By the way, Brandy’s first pronunciation of “Goethe” was closer to the actual German pronunciation.

  • Love these podcasts SO much! I swear this is so timely too. I spend quite a bit of time explaining to my sons about “School is your work and some days you will like it and some days you won’t”, and about learning about perseverance and learning to love what must be done in hopes of being able to order our loves towards God. Of course when you are a teenager it is not as easy to love or learn this at times 😉 You are right about trying to offer our dailiness to God and making it holy 🙂 I try to remember to pray my way through the day when I am doing the laundry, cleaning, schooling etc and it does make the tasks lighter. Brandy, I don’t particularly love ironing and tend to forget to try to make things fun–so don’t worry you are not alone 😉 I have been trying to find more fun connections for math and beauty to share with my boys lately too.
    Thanks for sharing these ladies! Love the intro music, your lovely voices and the whole kit and kaboodle! Lovely little pick me for an ordinary day.

  • I enjoyed listening to this conversation. I often feel like my kids are the only ones who don’t love all their work. I think it is sometimes portrayed in classical circles that the students always love to learn. Which leaves me feeling like my kids are the only ones who would rather watch youtube or play Roblox or go outside…and therefore, that I’m doing something wrong. So it was nice just to hear that sometimes your kids don’t love All The Work.

    Also, you guys are a little cray cray about the pencil situation. I say that with all affection. But really. What’s wrong with a cup to hold pencils? Placed on the table. And done. 🙂

    • I laughed so hard! You’re right. It is pencil insanity! 🙂

      And I think you’re in good company. My guess is that people don’t want to *admit* that kids don’t love all of it — but then again, maybe I just have inferior kids? 🙂

  • This was great- thank you!
    Father Brown is amazing. It’s one of the only mystery series that is on the same level as Sherlock Holmes, in my opinion.
    My husband speaks German and he pronounces “Goethe” as “GHER-tuh”. Fun fact, German is a bit weird but actually very beautiful when spoken, especially Goethe’s poetry.

    • GHER-tuh … I was just listening to someone else pronounce a German word that that the OE as ER sound … is that the usual sound? I heard German has more consisten phonetic rules than English, so I’m hoping… 🙂

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