In today’s episode, Mystie and Brandy discuss amusement and entertainment. Does our commitment to scholé mean that there’s no room in life for things that are completely frivolous and entertaining? Believe it or not, Aristotle had something to say on this subject!

Does our commitment to scholé mean that there’s no room in life for things that are completely frivolous and entertaining?

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This episode is sponsored by The Art of Homeschooling. It’s the truth: The perfect plan will never be perfectly executed. Homeschool days will go horribly wrong. Our energy will fizzle out and our attention will wane. Our kids dawdle, complain, and bicker. It happens. To work our plan isn’t to fix ourselves, our home, or our children so that such things never happen. No, to work our plan is to have strategies for handling life even when it goes off the rails, because that’s actually when important lessons are learned by all. Make sure you download the free motivation prep sheet that will help you discipline & organize your homeschool morning attitude, even when it’s been two hours since your last cup of coffee.


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  • Nitty Gritty Homeschool Question: in which we chat about reading aloud too much during lessons, as well as alternating subjects


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  • I’ve recently picked up a video game I played for a couple of years in my early 30’s. At first, I was feeling guilty about playing, but then I looked around and thought, “Steve has his cigars and baseball games – what’s the difference, really?” So, when we get done with school, I’ll play for half an hour or so, just before lunch. Suddenly, I have more mental energy. The books I’m reading (Hicks, Bestvater, Homer, Martin Luther) don’t seem to be as much work and they make more sense. Folding the laundry isn’t as much as a drag. The latch hook project I’m working on is getting done, rather than sitting there while I look at it and think, “I just can’t do it today.” A video game has made me happier and more productive – five years ago, I would’ve said you were crazy if you said that was possible. 😀

  • I have found the same results in taking my walk in the afternoon as you did, Brandy. I usually feel ready to take on a project when I return whereas if I didn’t go for the walk I would be tempted to just sit on the sofa. In the summer I will have to walk in the morning because of the heat, but I won’t be doing school all morning either so that could make a difference. Really enjoy the podcasts, in fact I am getting ready to go for a walk and listen to another one 🙂

  • When I listened to this interview, I envisioned the incredibly therapeutic but in no way deep techno dance parties that seem to put our family in a good place, more receptive to delighting in those “meaningful” activities!

  • Do you happen to remember who it was you listened to on the topic of what time of day is best to exercise or what the recommendation was for night people?

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