In her book Mere Motherhood, Cindy Rollins made the passing comment that she was not as big of a fan of homeschooling high school boys as she had been in the past. This turned into a rumor: Cindy Rollins doesn’t think boys should be homeschooled in high school. Um. NOT TRUE. Today, Mystie and Brandy chat with Cindy about homeschooling high school boys (as well as using AmblesideOnline for high school), the pros, the cons, and how to know if it’s time to let it go.


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4 Responses

  • Ok, I am very embarrassed to ask this, but what does RDA stand for? I think I have listened to most, if not all, the episodes, but I must have missed it explained.

    • Ha. Don’t be embarrassed! We actually recorded a season 4 episode and put that in because so many people were asking. 🙂 It’s a nutritional acronym — Recommended Daily Allowance 🙂

  • I just watched the beginning of the old movie “The Subject was Roses.” It was sad that the mother met her son, who had just come back from three years of fighting in the war, and couldn’t recognize him as a man. She kept treating him like a child, and you could see he resented it, but would feel guilty and then try a little to play along.

    It reminds me of our boys becoming men at home. We have a hard time seeing their changes as normal and healthy. The get angry, then feel bad about themselves. It would be great if homeschooling moms could watch the first 20 minutes, or so, of that movie, and remember their children are “born persons.”

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