Today, the Scholé Sisters get real about Christmas. Mystie says we can be classical not just in our approach to education, but also in our approach to happiness. Does the classical tradition have something to offer us at Christmas as well? We talk about depression and grief, yes, but also bad attitudes and dangerous expectations, all in an attempt to encourage all of us toward a better Christmas. Christmas is important, because the incarnation is important. Let’s never forget what it’s all about.



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4 Responses

    • I think Pam was referring to this quote:

      The points to be borne in mind in children’s handicrafts are: (a) that they should not be employed in making futilities such as pea and stick work, paper mats, and the like; (b) that they should be taught slowly and carefully what they are to do; (c) that slipshod work should not be allowed; (d) and that, therefore, the children’s work should be kept well within their compass. (Home Education, p. 315)

      I actually wrote a six-part series called Crafts in the Life of the Child back in 2009, if you are interested. I was trying to decide on a sort of philosophy of crafting. 🙂

  • I do the same thing as Pam’s husband. I keep a garbage bag handy and as presents are unwrapped, the paper is thrown away. I don’t like cleaning up all the mess afterwards if I don’t, and neither does my husband.

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