Welcome to SEASON FIVE of Scholé Sisters! Mystie and Brandy are kicking this season off right with the one and only Cindy Rollins. Today’s discussion centers on the idea of being impervious. We discuss not allowing “things” to get to us, absorbing emotion, self-control, menopause (gulp), and more! This is a conversation you don’t want to miss.



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4 Responses

  • What a great episode! This is just where I am in my parenting journey – learning the importance of being impervious. After listening I read the following and it reminded me of when you were talking about not trying to avoid the mistakes of others so much as aiming toward a particular goal:

    “The goal of the Christian life is not to resist temptation but to acquire virtue. We are called to seek the Kingdom of God, not just to avoid hell. This subtle change of focus allows our home to be a place where we are learning how to love rather than trying not to hurt. Remember, the gospel is called the Good News, not the List of Things We Should Not Do.” (From Parenting Toward the Kingdom by Dr. Philip Mamalakis)

  • I truly enjoyed this podcast, thank you! Impervious is a great trait I hadn’t really thought about. 2018 is my year of cultivating self-control in a big way (hopefully). I’m an ESFJ who loves harmony and each day spent homeschooling 4 kids 10 and under tries my patience among other things. So, listening today bolstered my confidence in dealing with the things of life that can wreak havoc on the harmony I desire.

    Thank you Cindy, Brandy, and Mystie!

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