In this special bonus summer season episode, the Scholé Sisters meet up with Cindy Rollins for a special, 2-part podcast. Catch the first part over on The Mason Jar podcast, and then come back here for Part II. In Part I, we discussed Charlotte Mason’s views on self-education and how that applies to moms. In Part II, we take it all a step further with discussion of why reading is important, where hobbies fit in, and MORE!



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  • […] Scholé Sisters debuted our second (and final) episode of our special summer season. This one comes in two parts, and OUR part is the SECOND half. It won’t make much sense unless you listen to the first part, which you can find on The Mason Jar Podcast here (or in your favorite podcast player, of course). Once you’ve listened to the first part, THEN jump over to Scholé Sisters and listen to the second! […]

  • Hello, I was wondering if the is the episode where one of you ladies mentioned a baseball book that inspired your son? Can you tell me what book it was? Thank you!

  • Hey there! I think Mystie referred in passing to a book about early American pioneers like Lewis & Clark, etc, that she was reading with her kids that inspired her to learn. Was this the book by Franklin Folsom, by chance?

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