In this episode, Mystie and Brandy talk with Martin Cothran from Memoria Press. Martin is known for (among other things) his knowledge of forgotten classics – really good books almost no one remembers. It was our pleasure to discuss with Martin the nature of these books and how to find them.




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Show Notes:

    • Brandy
    • Martin
      • Fairy Tales for Young Children
      • Hansel and Gretel
      • The Princess and the Pea
      • Snow White



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4 Responses

  • This was a great episode and so needed for me right now. Little Man is a very picky reader (just as a picky eater!) and he isn’t good at choosing the really good stuff. As he said tonight, “I want something that sounds good to me.” :::sigh::: but if I can keep putting good books before him… I’ve been able to refine his taste buds, maybe I can refine his reading 😀

  • Do you happen to remember which book it was that Martin said animal lovers should read? I was cleaning the bathroom while listening and couldn’t jot it down. Now looking at the list, I cannot remember. 🙂 This was a great episode!

  • Brandy, I LOVED this episode and bought “Old Squire’s Farm” for my son for Christmas, and a Louis L’amore book for myself 😉. I keep looking for Martin’s talk about blood and guys and boy’s reading (or whatever it was called, ha ha 😁). Wonder if you could put a word in with Martin to load it to his site? I already have many other Mama friends of boys who would also enjoy the listen! Thanks for your podcast, I never miss one and have learned so much! Also know that you encourage more Mamas than you even know!! And I’m enjoying going through your “Start Here” guide with a few friends. So good!

    Keep up the outstanding work,
    Anna Letvin

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