Wendi Capehart from the AmblesideOnline Advisory board is a very busy lady, so we were thrilled when she — rightly dubbed “the smartest woman on the internet” by Cindy Rollins — agreed to a phone call with us this summer.

Let us tell you a little about Wendi. Wendi and her husband Bill have been Christians since their teens. They married at 20 and have been married 37 years. They have seven terrific grown children, 4 stalwart sons-in-law, 14 unsurpassingly wonderful grandchildren, and have also helped raise their two perfectly delightful god-sons (as well as occasionally hosting Japanese exchange students and Ukrainian orphans). The Capeharts have lived all over, most recently in the Philippines for two years, where they served as missionaries with a Christian school in Davao City. In January they will be moving to Malaysia to the city of Kota Kinabalu where they will help establish a learning center, among other projects. Click here to look at their previous newsletters and subscribe to new ones.

Wendi blogs at Wendi Wanders. She has published an e-zine called Education for All. The latest issue contains most of the material from her talk on Imagination at AO Camp, including the material and sources that had to be cut. Click here for more information.

It was something Wendi said at AO Camp during her talk that inspired this conversation. Today, we’re discussing why starting with heroes in a child’s education is not white-washing, and why pointing out the darkness too young might backfire.

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  • Hi Ladies!
    I’m frantically searching my emails from Brandy and Mystie and the Schole Sisters…did I miss the Fall Schole Habit tracker?!? Did anyone make one for those of us who have come to rely on it? 🙂

  • This really goes hand in hand with a podcast episode with Angelina Standford. (I don’t remember if it was with you all or another one). Classical education was never centered around history it was centered on Language. We should be reading the Fairy Tales, Myths, and Hero stories to our young children. But so much curriculum focus is on history and historical fiction. Historical fiction does have its place but they are not the good books that lead to the great books. Even in the episode that you speak about Dorthey Sayers the grammer stage started at 9/10 not at 5. I think as mothers who are home educating we want to give our children what we did not have. We want them to know history but our littles don’t understand or relate to it as we adults do (and older children). Even though there are many options to do history in a loop with all ages together doesn’t mean that is the best option for young children. There’s just a lot to weed through in the homeschooling world! Thanks for sharing! Excellend episode 🙂

  • […] Wendi Lord Capehart talking about “Heroes First” on Schole Sisters. Wendi exhorts introducing children to American heroes without emphasizing all the darkness of sin at a young age. This is why I don’t think it’s dangerous to tell my younger children about Justice Ginsberg’s admirable qualities while acknowledging where I believe she was wrong to my older kids. https://www.scholesisters.com/ss57/ […]

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