In today’s episode, Mystie and Brandy dig deeply into the four types of reading explained by AG Sertillanges in his wonderful book The Intellectual Life. Before Brandy read this, she didn’t even know there were four types of reading! It’s a very interesting distinction to make, and we think you’ll love today’s discussion.

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    4 Responses

    • Interesting topic. I’m so behind in reading – what I should’ve read my whole life and didn’t, plus keeping up with our school reading – that I grab whatever is thrown at me. And it’s such a race through that I’m missing out on a lot of the formative effect 😔.
      One thing I found particularly exciting, I couldn’t help but make a music theory connection with the accidental reading. “Accidentals” in music are specially identified notes that are played in a piece of music that don’t belong to the written key signature. For example, in the key of D, there are two sharps – C# and F#. So C natural and F natural are never played….unless the composer decides that they need one or the other or both to arrive at a certain sound. So, in similar thought, accidental reading will be bringing in a book outside of your normal pool of books – authors, genres, etc. For example: I’m non-denominational, but I have plenty of friends/acquaintances who are reformed. Because I want to better understand what they believe, I pick up a book on reformed theology, a theology book I wouldn’t normally pick up. Anyway, just my thoughts. Thanks for your podcast – I love it!

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