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September 2018 Scholé Sisters Newsletter | A Complete Education?

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No Such Thing as a Complete Education

by Mystie Winckler

Have you completed your education?

I hope not.

Education is something that is actually never over, unless we shut the door and close ourselves off to it.

In his excellent book Teaching to Change Lives, Howard Hendricks writes:

“If you stop growing today, you stop teaching tomorrow.”


“As long as you live, you learn; as long as you learn, you live.”

Our attitude about learning is most apparent when we have a first or second grader. Maybe we’re interested in a hobby topic or two. Maybe we read for pleasure. Maybe we pursue a skill and develop our creativity. These things are well and good. But what’s our attitude about our kids’ elementary level school? Are we bored with their books? Are we exempting ourselves from the learning – from knowing our multiplication tables, from making nature journal entries, from keeping a time line? Sometimes we can’t do these things with our kids because of logistical difficulties and the situation – I get that; I’ve been there; no problem. But another place I’ve been where there is a problem is when I don’t want to do what I’m asking the kids to do. I could do it, but I don’t because I don’t want to.

When we do that, we have no leg to stand on when our kids don’t do their work because they don’t want to. They are following our example.

Worse yet, we call ourselves graduates and say “No, thanks. I’m done. No more math for me. I already put in my time.”

Saying such things teaches our children more than the math program is teaching them. It teaches them that learning is a grind to complete. It teaches them to look forward to the day they won’t have to do it anymore. All learning develops our minds and our personalities and can be used – should be used – to make us better God-glorifiers and God-enjoyers.

And that’s a development, a growth process, that should never end while we have breath.

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Commonplacing: Curiosity and the Desire for Knowledge

by Rebecca at A Humble Place

In the Charlotte Mason world, there is a large emphasis on a desire for knowledge, not only for our children, but also for ourselves. We consume living books and take in living ideas to better ourselves and widen our views of the world, allowing us to truly become the magnanimous person she describes above. And when we take in this knowledge, it is not just memorized facts and figures and dates, but real knowledge that becomes part of us. Something that leads us naturally to different subjects and topics as in her example of wireless telegraphy. We make this knowledge our own not because it’s required or anyone is expecting it of us or to impress others, but because it interests us and we want it to be part of ourselves.

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Shakespeare for the Seemingly Inept

by Hayley Beck at Afterthoughts

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Get a little Shakespeare help from CiRCE with their new podcast: The Play’s the Thing.

Plus, a bit of a “self-care” tangent for you:

Self Care For Moms OR How to get everything done.

by Dawn Garrett at True North Academy

The Self-Care You Need is Spiritual

by Mystie Winckler at Simply Convivial

Whatever your take is on the issue of self-care, what is undeniable is that we set the tone in our homeschools, so if we aren’t healthy and learning and growing, we will not be able to help our children be healthy, learning, and growing.

That’s why we hope you’ll join us at the Learning Well Retreat next week, even from the comfort of your own home – add a foot soak and cover all your bases.

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